Christmas Task Card FREEBIE! NEW!

People, it is Sunday.

My pile is WAAAAY too high, but I have an amazing husband who has entertained our baby, done laundry, and kept me sane so that I could bring you a brand new freebie.


There are twelve task cards covering addition and subtraction with 2 and 3 digit numbers. I've also added a recording sheet you can use. Put them on a ring at a math center, or if your kids are like mine, spread them out around the room and hallway and LET THEM MOVE. ;-) All the sugar bugs in the world are in your classroom right now, am I right? I swear they are all eating gingerbread men for breakfast.


You could also put out 4 different cards each day for 3 days. Break up the work, but they still get extra practice and you can collect it for a grade if you need to!

Hope this is a fun new freebie that's helpful for you. Click on any of the pictures above to grab it from TpT. Leave some love for me in the feedback!


  1. Thank you! My students love solve the room activities, so this will be perfect to keep them engaged until break! :)

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