Sharing Sunday: December FREEBIES and More!

Hey there!

The bloggers of The Primary Peach are back again for Sharing Sunday! There are SO MANY goodies collected in each post. Make sure you check them all out! 

My collection of literacy resources this month will be perfect for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade friends.To find out how to grab any of the freebies and products in the pictures below, just click on any of the pictures.


I love freebies that work well as a whole group lesson and small group practice - and both of the freebies listed above can do that! I also highlighted a new game I released last week. My RtI sight word kiddos are LOVING it! 

There are also a couple of comprehension freebies I found. I really love Jessica's Christmas Comprehension pack. You'll be able to use it all month long. Her post on unwrapping a book each day is also really brilliant! Click on the picture to check it out! 

This gingerbread resource pack is FULL of content you can use for a week or more! Reading fluency, comprehension, book lists, grammar centers --- it's all there! 

I start moving into adjectives and verb tenses in December. I also make sure to review nouns and action verbs so that when we come back from Christmas break the kids haven't "lost" as much! :) 

 Writing is one of my favorite things to teach in December. There are SO MANY fun freebies out there. These are a few of my favorites!


December is also a great time to promote kindness! Teaching Maddeness and Everyone DeServes to Learn also have great blog posts and freebies on bringing your classroom elf into the mix! And of course, Rachel Lynette's "Would You Rather?" questions are my favorite part of morning meeting!


I hope you've come away with some great ideas for next month! Make sure to visit The Primary Peach and check out what my other friends have for you!

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