Book Study #1: Reading in the Wild {Giveaway!}

I know I "teased" this in yesterday's post, but I wanted to make sure I told you a little more about both of the book studies I'm joining this summer.

Last summer, I worked with a group of bloggers as we read through Donalyn Miller's first book, The Book Whisperer.

I absolutely love her voice and the way she makes teaching our kids to love reading so real! I've read through it twice, and I've taken away something new each time. It absolutely transformed the way I thought about setting up my classroom library and the way I shared new books with my students.

Reading in the Wild is very much a follow-up to The Book Whisperer. One of the frustrations Donalyn Miller shares is that after her students leave her classroom, they lose the love for reading she worked so hard to foster within them. Reading in the Wild explores how to "grow" a passion for reading in our students that is stronger and more sustainable - even when the next teacher doesn't share in that enthusiasm. :)

So to kick off this study, I'm giving away one copy of Reading in the Wild to a reader! Just enter the Rafflecopter below. I want to make sure the winner has time to start reading before June 19th, so this giveaway will be quick! Enter before 11:00 pm on Monday, June 2nd.

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