A Christmas Freebie and a Nook Color HD Giveaway!

I love happy posts.

This one feels especially happy.

I have a brand-spankin'-new freebie for you:

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It is a super-cute verb sort that my kiddos love! I made it last year with the intention of sharing it, forgot about it and found it last week. Lucky you! :)

You can use it 2 ways:

1) Use it as a whole group lesson. Let your kiddos take turns pulling the sentence cards out of a container and sorting or gluing them on a large chart underneath the tense "header" cards.

This is how I've done it the last 2 years because let's face it - they are CRAZY right now. So am I. I don't want anymore papers to grade - do you? :)

2) Use it as a center option. Kids can work independently or with a partner. I've added a recording sheet if you want to utilize it this way. On the recording sheet, I only had the kids record 2 of the sentences they sorted. I just didn't think it was an effective use of literacy time to have them write down 24 sentences. If they can identify the tense of 6 sentences correctly, they've probably got it. :)

I'm also participating in a FANTASTIC giveaway over at Tips for Top Teachers, one of the collaborative blogs I am a part of. You have until December 15th to enter and there are multiple ways to qualify! In addition to the Nook Color HD, we're also giving away a CRAZY FABULOUS package of teacher resources from some of your favorite bloggers. You must click over and enter!

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I hope I've left you with a little "happy" today! Hopefully it will make the rest of your time between now and your Christmas break a little easier!


  1. Thanks for the great Christmas packet freebie! I can't wait to get it downloaded to use in my classroom!

    How to put in a link: Teaching Fourth

  2. Thanks so much! You are right about doing this activity together this time of year. I can't wait to use this in my classroom. We are just starting verbs and this will be perfect! Have a great Christmas!


  3. the link to the giveaway keeps directing me to a site in Japanese....