12 in 12 Linky Party... and ANOTHER FREEBIE!

What better day to link up with Miss Kindergarten and A Teeny Tiny Teacher than on 12-12-12?! :) I am so excited to share a few of my favorite things! Here we go...
12. Favorite movie you watched: Pitch Perfect
No, it's not going to win any Oscars, but it did make me laugh. Especially this girl...


Bumper: I get the feeling that we should kiss... I mean is that a good feeling or, like, a wrong feeling? 
Fat Amy: Wellll, sometimes I feel like I could do crystal meth but then I think, hmm, better not.

(How can you NOT giggle at that?)

11. Favorite TV series: I {heart} Grey's Anatomy.
It might be DVR'd, but I am never more than a few days behind. Never.
10. Favorite restaurant: There is a local spot called Muss & Turner's we like to go for "hot date" nights. ;-) There is even a hideaway speakeasy bar called Eleanor's inside. Awesome deliciousness. If you live in the Atlanta area, you must go. And take me with you. 

9. Favorite new thing you tried: Quinoa
 Note: You must cook it in chicken broth, but it is a fabulous substitute for rice in lots of casseroles!

8. Favorite gift you got: This.
 Be still my heart. 
Every morning.

7. Favorite thing you pinned: I'm sure lots of people will come up with something totally pin-spiring, but this is it for me. 

If you knew me in 6th grade, you would totally agree. And laugh with me.

6. Favorite blog post: The One About Will.I.Am  
We still party down to this song all the time. My kids love it. We do too.

5. Best accomplishment: Directing 35+ kids in a 90 minute production of Charlotte's Web with iTeach. 90% of our cast spoke Spanish as their first language. It was incredible and awesome to see them pull it all together. I cannot wait to do it again this year - Snow White and the 7 Dwarves of the Black Forest. Poverty is not a learning disability, people. Our children can do anything.

4. Favorite picture: See below. <3
3. Favorite memory: Spending one last makeshift Christmas with my sweet Ruby (last December).
Me, Ruby-Dooby-Doo and my teaching partner, M.
2. Goal for 2013: Lose weight so I can be a healthy pregnant lady. Couch to 5K, here I come!
NOTE: I am NOT in any way, shape, or form pregnant NOW.
I just want to be in better shape when I get there. Mkay?
1. One Little Word: {This is my favorite part!!!}
Last year, my word was grace. This year, I want to focus on being a...

Our pastor recently challenged us to be a light for Him this season. 
Why not make it all year? 
If I am going to be a true follower of Christ, the people in my life should notice something different about me. They should notice my light.

And, as promised - a quick freebie!

If you're looking for a fun way to incorporate some writing before the holiday break, I think this will do the trick. I've also included a story prompt for those sweet babies whose families do not celebrate the holidays. Click on over to grab it! 

Happy Wednesday! Only 2 more "wake-ups" until the weekend!


  1. Cute writing prompts. We can't use any holiday specific stuff at my school so I was looking at your fourth prompt. The word penguin is spelled wrong. Just thought I would let you know!

  2. Thanks Meryl! I fixed the error and re-uploaded the revised file. :)