Georgia Blogger Meet-Up

How about a meet n' greet? 

Mandy from Mandy's Tips for Teachers and I are teaming up to organize a Georgia Peaches get-together. :)

I know there are several Georgia bloggers and I bet there are even more blog followers!  It is our understanding that many Atlanta Metro counties have their Spring Break scheduled for the first week of April.  So, we are getting together on Wednesday, April  4th at 1:00 in the Perimeter Mall area. All Georgia bloggers or blog readers :) are welcome!

 If you would like more information please contact Mandy at mandyholland@hotmail.com or me at thirdgradebookworm@gmail.com.

We hope to see YOU there!


  1. Yes ma'am! I would love to meet up! I'm in Tucker and have Spring Break that week as week as well! Emailing you now! :)

    3rd Grade Gridiron

  2. Abby!!

    I wish I lived in Georgia and could meet up also..especially since I've just awarded you with The Lovely Blog Award!! Please stop by my blog to check it out!!

    Teaching in Paradise

  3. Courtney and I were thinking the same thing! I wish I lived in Georgia to meet up and I also nominated you for the Lovely Blog Award. :) Stop by my blog to get it. :)

    WILD About First Grade!

  4. Oh that sounds fun! I am in Canton GA and would love to try and meet up! Keep me posted.

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