Time to Share: Library Labels

I've been working on updating my classroom library labels and I thought I'd share them with you. I print these out on a light colored cardstock (the images show up better that way) and run them through my thermal laminator. I punch holes in the top and use binder rings to secure them to my baskets.

My classroom library has three sections: Leveled Baskets, Author Baskets and Genre Baskets. Every book is leveled (Fountas and Pinnell) and labeled with a sticker that lets the kids know where they go. I usually have 2 librarians each month who help me put books away.

I wish I had taken pictures of the library and book labels. :-( Maybe I can update this post with those later in the week.

For now, here are the labels. I hope they are helpful! :)

Leveled Book Baskets:
font: Black Boys on Mopeds

Genre Baskets:

font: Chinacat {my favorite!}

Author Baskets: (this file was too large and I had to share it as a PDF)

font: LD Dabble

 Happy Monday! 


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