Holy Zazzle Sale, Batman!

Hooray!! Zazzle is holding a 4 hour 50% off sale on their custom binders!! Do you know how awesome this is?? :)

I teach two sections of Reader's and Writer's Workshop during the day, so I have two conferring notebooks. I designed them on Zazzle last fall and I l-o-v-e them.

As soon as I am finished sharing this good news with you, I am going to make a lesson plan binder and a guided reading/strategy group binder. I use the 2-inch size because I file running records, benchmark comprehension tests, etc. I'll probably use the same size for my guided reading and lesson plan binders.

Click the link below and create an account (its free!) to get started!

Zazzle! Zazzle!

Use the code 50FFHSBINDER when you check out!

Have fun creating these binders! You have no idea how happy pants this makes me! :)

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