The Brag Board {An October Bright Idea}

This bright idea comes to you courtesy of my favorite teaching partner, M. I was walking by her room last week, and saw this on the wall by her door. I had to stop and ask!

M said she kept running across student work that she wanted to celebrate and highlight, but it didn't fit her standards boards or thematic displays. So, she found a space outside her room where she could put student work up and just brag on her students. The students know why the work is there, she and her para celebrate and make a big to-do when they put a new piece up, but what I really love is why the work is there.

Students deserve recognition. Outside of writing pieces that have page-long rubrics attached to them. They deserve celebrations for things that don't involve test scores. Our kids deserve praise for grasping a new concept that's been difficult for everyone. And as teachers, we should be able to celebrate and praise without having to attach commentary and quoting standards.

So she did. :-) We all need a Brag Board.

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