Back to School Freebie Rewind! #TBT

Hey peeps!

I'm chugging along on this blogging train, trying to get back on track! I had this post on my to-do list at least 3 weeks ago but clearly I am riding the struggle bus instead of the blogging train. ;-)

Seriously, these freebies are back to school must-haves for me so let's get started!


I love this survey. Especially because it's great for the first week of school, but it's equally important any other time of year. If you want to get to know your kids as readers use this or something like it. I gave it at least one more time (usually after Christmas) to see what had changed since August. It's also a great activity for new kiddos to complete on their first day or so and buys you a little time to get their reading materials ready. ;-)  

My only "deadline" for using this survey in class was to make sure we did it before I put in our first Scholastic Book Clubs order. That way I could order new books based on the interests of my new students! There were always "holes" in my classroom library and I loved finding a good excuse to buy more books!!! 


This binder cover is pretty simple, but our student info binders make collecting and keeping all of that beginning of the year stuff so much easier! As a *bonus* you really need to check out my sweet friend The Brainy Zebra and her FREE student info sheet!

Next up...


This is one of my very early Writer's Workshop lessons. I made it two pages so that my students had plenty of room to illustrate and label whatever they needed. We glue it down side by side on the first couple of pages in our Writer's Notebooks and come back to it all year long!

I know you might be thinking, "Why would she have them write down a bunch of things they detest?? People, that page is a gold mine during opinion writing lessons!


This might be my most favorite freebie. The minute I started using these, my stress level during student work time decreased immediately! My support teachers and I could immediately see where we needed to focus our energy, who to keep an eye on, and who was ready to go.

I hope at least one of these makes your year a little better! See you soon!

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  1. Thanks for the great freebies! I have second and third graders this year and next week will be our first week together. Your reading survey will be in their hands on Monday morning! I also picked up the breakfast casserole recipe when I followed the link to your Heart template. Sounds delish!

    Always Primary