Behavior Tracking {FREEBIE}

Sometimes, we need new ways to motivate our littlest people. So when my favorite work wife came to me with an idea she wanted me to "cute up" for her, I gladly obliged. 


Every time her students had a "positively purple day," they colored in a star. Her hope was that the chance to add a star to their page each day would motivate her kinders to work a little harder to make today better than yesterday.  

After a couple of months she came to me and said, "Can you add a page from 31-60? I have a few kids who are going to need it!" Absolutely!!

Then it occurred to me that some people have a clip chart that stops at blue. Or pink! Or no clip chart at all! And so a freebie was born. :)


There are 11 pages of resources PERFECT for your leadership notebooks, RTI folders, or daily communication folders. I've written a little more about it over at A Spark of Inspiration and I would love for you to check it out! Click on any of the images above to link over to my post there and grab the freebie!  

A Spark of Inspriation

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