April Currently!


I have been doing small chores around the house all morning and watching the 4 episodes of Parenthood that I'm behind on. Can I just say that this is maybe one of the worst shows for a hormonal pregnant lady to watch?? I've already yelled at Sarah for dumping Hot Africa Doctor and I can NOT believe Camille still wants to sell the house. Poor Zeek. :(


Spring Break. 10 glorious days all to myself. We are staying put for the week and starting on some big projects we need to finish before baby boy gets here in September. We've already made one trip to Goodwill and when I finish here I'm diving into our closets to sort out our clothes. 


There are 2 loads of laundry waiting to be folded, and two more sitting in machines downstairs. They can wait. Or, if I keep folding then I can keep watching Parenthood. Right?! :)


Anyone have a magical organizing fairy I can borrow? I am overwhelmed with all of the things we need to do before baby boy gets here. There is seriously an entire room full of stuff waiting to go to a yard sale, or Goodwill, or the dump. UGH.


Whoever said that the second trimester was a big burst of amazing energy is a big, fat, smelly LIAR. For real. I took two naps on Saturday, Sunday, and yesterday. I haven't taken any naps today, but the day is still young! :)

Hours and Last Day:

The kids can come in at 7:15 and our day starts at 7:50. Our day ends at 2:10, but with 2 loads of buses we still have kids until the teacher day ends at 2:45. I love that I can leave at 2:45 (as long as my kids are gone) but let's be honest - my tail is still there until 4:30 most days. I know things will change next year, so I'm working on coming in earlier so I can leave at a decent time. :) Are you more productive in the morning or in the afternoon??

The kids' last day is May 21st, but the teachers' last day is May 27th. Before you go getting jealous, remember that we will head back to work on July 28th. The kids come back on August 4th. Double UGH.

I'm off to hop around to some of the other Currently posts. Make sure you hop over to Farley's blog to link up.

Hope your April is off to a great start!