How Do You Check for Comprehension? {FREEBIE!}

Hello Bookworms! 

I'm so so so so so excited to share this new FREEBIE with you! I have been using the heck out of it in my own classroom and I'm pretty sure you are going to love it as much as I do!

Do you see those cards? They are magic!
So let me explain how I've been using them...

Every time my kids are working independently, they know to pull these out. 

Yes. EVERY time. It took lots of reminders when we first introduced them, but now it's more of a habit. :) We keep them in our table caddies and there are always enough for every child at the table to have their own set.

There are three cards for each student:

1. Green  = I understand the task.
2. Yellow =Please check on me in a minute. I want to try it on my own first. 
3. Red = Help! I am confused! 

When I asked my kids what they liked best about our comprehension cards, they said, "Our arms don't get tired anymore!" Ha!! I hated looking up from my small group table or turning around after I'd finished working with a student one-on-one to see 3 more kids trying desperately to keep their aching arms in the air. I felt terrible! 

Now I can give them about 2 minutes to get started, walk around, and then call the students who need me the most back to our group meeting area for a quick boost. 

They also hang brilliantly from our book totes! 

I created these for a painfully shy kiddo who was struggling to ask for help as an RTI strategy. More of my kids began asking for them, so I ended up making a whole class set. We keep them together using tiny binder rings, but other teachers on my team have tied them together with string. I laminated mine before I hole punched + bound them so they will probably last throughout this year and next! :)

If you think this is something you'd like to try in your classroom, make sure you click the picture below to grab them from TpT! If you love them, I'd love YOU if you left some feedback while you were there!

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I'm also linking up with Fern at TBA's Freebie Friday, so click on over and check out the amazing resources there as well!


  1. I have seen colored sticks/cups used too! Great idea!

  2. These are awesome, Abby! Pinned and sharing this fabulous tool!