Currently + OLW 2014

Hey Bookworms!

After a much needed Christmas hiatus, I'm excited to kick off 2014 with you! 

Let's get started with Farley's Currently party...


Listening - It is raining again here in Georgia. I am so tired of the rain. I know it is needed in other parts of our world (and I would certainly send it to you if I could!) but GOOD GRAVY. We have had enough. I am drowning out the rain with a little David Crowder Band and the snoring cat behind me. 

Loving - I miss feeling like a normal person. I love the time we get off to recharge our batteries and live like regular humans. You know -  the kind of people who cook for their families, go to the gym, get the laundry done, and keep their houses from looking like a hovel. Those people.

Seriously, I have really enjoyed trying out new things from my Pinterest recipe boards. Most recently, I made A Night Owl's easy enchilada casserole with Becoming Betty's Calabacitas. Both dishes were Mr. Bookworm Approved.

picture via

picture via

Thinking - My winter break is coming to a close way too quickly. I know some of you went back to work today, and I'm sorry. Really. BUT you are probably the people who will be getting plenty of what I want in the weeks to come. :)

Wanting - We are in Georgia. There is hardly ever even a teensy bit of snow. Is it too much to ask that we have one or two snow days this year? Just one or two...

Needing - Holy hot mess. I cannot focus to save my life. I have about 3 different things to share with you but I cannot seem to make myself put the finishing touches on any of it. UGH. Maybe today will prove to be a little more productive.

Memory/Tradition - For the last two years, I've been a part of the sweetest tradition with some of the teachers at my school. We've "adopted" one of the larger families at school who can't afford to bring Christmas to their children. Last year there were 6 kids, and this year we sponsored 7. Every child gets a stocking, 1-2 toys, a new outfit, jacket, shoes, and pajamas. This year we gathered everything together at my house and celebrated with some breakfast treats. It was a fun way to love on my friends and I'm hoping it will be a part of our Christmas season for many years to come. 

I also wanted to share my One Little Word with you for 2014, so I'm also linking up with Denise over at Sunny Days in Second Grade. Here it is!


It's pretty simple. I just want to grow... as a wife, a teacher, a friend, a daughter, a sister, in my relationship with Christ. I want to be the best possible version of myself every day.

I'm off to click around and check out everyone else's Currently or OLW. Can't wait!


  1. That enchilada casserole looks yummy! I am clicking that link next!

  2. It appears to me that some of our American friends have to make up their snow days on another day... I'm not sure I would want any if this was the case. Your meals look delish! Happy New Year!
    Grade 4 Buzz

  3. Did you get your snow day today? We were closed for a "cold day". I will take it! I'm new to blogging and teaching, so I am excited to follow your blog!

    Halfway There