Festive Fact Practice {Winter Product Swap}

I've gotten together with some of my favorite blogger peeps to do a little product swapping just in time for winter! 


I was extra excited when I found out that I was going to be paired up with the amazing Fern Smith again! Who gets that lucky twice?! This girl!! :) 

Fern Smith's Classroom Ideas

Last time, I got to try out two of her fraction benchmark games with my kiddos. This time she sent me three of her multiplication and division games that are PERFECT for December!

My teaching partner and I have changed up our morning work routine this year. We used to have the kids come in and work on a daily morning work page. The kids were stressed out because they didn't always arrive in time to complete it and we were stressed out because we didn't have time to go over it. (We're departmentalized, so time is precious!!)

Simple, seasonal, and so much fun!!

We made the executive decision to stop being stressed. However, we knew we still had to find a way to get the kids into the day's routine and review concepts we had already covered. What better way to do this than with games?!

We decided we would use games the kids had already played in class + new games with simple instructions they could learn on their own.

Enter Fern and her fabulous self.

When I tell you that my kids were OVER THE MOON about these games on Monday morning, I am not kidding.  Not even a little bit.


When I tell you that they were easy to prep, I am drop dead serious. I printed, laminated, and then the kids cut them out! How easy is that?!?!

http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Thirteen-Christmas-Multiplication-Division-Mixed-Center-Games-Bundled-407282I love that there are a different set of cards for each group of facts. This makes it incredibly easy to find the "home" for a stray card.

Each game has a cover sheet, game cards, and student friendly directions.

The kids are loving that they can focus on the facts they need the most practice with, and we love that they are practicing their facts!!

Even better, M loves that she can leave these out as an early finisher or a sub activity. We've got several training days this month (Whose crazy idea was that?!) and the kids are going to love having some extra time to play with these!

You get 13 division and multiplication games for $10.00. There are over 200 pages in the bundle, so that's less than ten cents a page! You can't beat that!!

If you're looking for a fun (but less expensive!) way to bring a little Christmas cheer into your classroom, you've got to check out Fern's favorite Christmas freebie as well!

Click ME!
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Fern Smith's Classroom Ideas

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  1. Abby - what a great swap! I love Fern's products as well! Thank you so much for participating in the winter swap!