Deck the Halls with Dockers!

I was really REALLY excited when I had the opportunity to order an extra Christmas surprise for Mr. Bookworm! He is impossible to shop for because he is always telling me he doesn't need anything. But then, Santa whispered a little secret in my ear... Dockers® recently came out with an entire line of Game Day Khakis!

Be still my Bulldog heart!!

Dockers® currently has 10 different college partners for this line including Louisiana State University, University of Minnesota, Oregon State University, Texas A&M University, University of Georgia, University of Illinois, University of Kentucky, University of Michigan, University of Missouri and Washington State University.

Can I mention that Dockers® obviously knows how big football and tailgating are in the SEC? 5 out of their 10 school come from my favorite conference!

How much do you love the rally cry on the inseam!?

And, if your man's heart belongs to school with a better basketball program, then these are just in time for you! (Ahem, Kentucky!)

All 10 schools are available in the traditional Khaki pant and in the school's official color for a bolder look.

How good is Mr. Bookworm going to look for the Gator Bowl?! We won't talk about how horrible our season was. We are going to be thankful for hot Mr. Bookworm pants and a bowl game to wear them to.

I love that he can wear the traditional Khakis to work and also have a pair for tailgating. I would be lying if I said I hadn't thought about giving the red pair to him early so he could wear them to a couple of parties we're going to this weekend. ;-)

Now I ordered Mr. Bookworm's pants online at, but I also saw them this week at Macy's when I was doing some Christmas shopping. Right now, Dockers® is having a sale for 30% off with the code GIFT30. They are also offering free shipping on all orders until December 19th.

I've got one more surprise to order for him tomorrow, but I'm curious - What are you getting for your significant other this Christmas??

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