A Place for Peace Update

First of all, I have to stop and tell you how completely blown away I have been by your sweet words, emails, and donations. To know that other teachers "get" what an important part of my life Ruby was, and how much her parents mean to me brings me to tearful joy. Some of you have even shared your own stories with me. Know that I understand your heartache, your burdens, and that I am carrying you in my prayers.

Thank you does not seem to be enough, but I want you to know how absolutely grateful I am for all of it.

As of tonight, you all have raised...

It is absolutely incredible. Aileen and I are so excited to share this with Ruby's parents in a few days. This will all be a surprise for them. They never asked for our help, but we felt like this was something we needed to do for them.

Which is why I'm leaving the fundraiser open for a few more days, until Tuesday, April 30th (or as soon as the extra funds are raised). The original quote they were given was $3500. We are so close!! I would love to be able to take care of the entire headstone for them. They have absolutely no "extras" right now.

So please, help me spread the word - share the original post on Facebook, Tweet it, email it to your teacher friends, blog about it, whatever! Please!!

Thank you again for all that you have already done. Please understand that all of this is coming from a very grateful heart. I just know that there are 48 more people out there who are willing to donate.

Aileen thanks you, I thank you, and most of all, our sweet Ruby thanks you too.


  1. I think this post would be perfect to link to our linky- go check my blog. Just sayin. :) What an awesome thing you are doing!!! It gives me goosebumps!
    ideas by jivey

  2. I'm so glad you're leaving it open for a few more days! I'm glad teachers are so generous!