Currently and a SALE!

I just love the beginning of every month. Going through and reading all of the Currently posts just makes me smile. :)

Listening: My sweet giant fur-baby is sitting in front of my laptop as I get this post together. He has found the perfect sun spot on our table and he is purring like nobody's business. I love it.

Loving: Our Lighthouse Team visited a local Leader in Me school for their 5th annual Leadership Day. It was amazing! So many ideas to "borrow" - I can't wait to share them with you! That's going to get it's own post.

Thinking: I have something really special up my sleeve for my sisters and my mama for Valentine's Day. No, I am not pregnant. Sorry. :)

Wanting: Now, I know my northern bloggy buddies and readers might disagree with me, but I really really really really want a snow day. Just a day to finish (or start) the bajillion and one projects I have in my head and around my house. Anybody with me?

Needing: Clarity. Nothing major or life-changing. Just praying that He will make the path He has for me clear. :)

Pet Peeves: Bullies - kids (and adults!) being mean just to be mean - is something I/we absolutely do not tolerate. My teaching partner and I work hard from Day One to establish a sense of family between our classes. I understand the occasional argument or cranky moment between kids. But being hateful on purpose to make yourself feel bigger and better? Don't do it!!

Liars - I have to agree with Farley on this one. Please tell me the truth the first time. Because if I have to waste my teaching time investigating and interrogating your friends to find out what really happened, things are going to be SO much worse for you. I will write you up. I will call your mother. I will make sure you spend some quality time away from my classroom researching and writing about the truth.

Missing Manners - I know as teachers we see this all the time. It doesn't make it any less aggravating for me. If you want something different on your tray at lunch, you need to use the words "May I please..." and "THANK YOU" with the lunch ladies. Hold the door open for others. Stop when an adult is trying to cross the hall and you are in a looooong line of children keeping them from their destination. "Yes ma'am" and "No ma'am" are appropriate responses to yes or no questions. "Huh?" and "Yeah" are absolutely unacceptable. Maybe I should offer a class. :)

It felt good to get that all out.

Before I sign off for the day, know that I am working like a crazy person to try and finish up this unit:

Note the absence of the smiling Cheeto. Thank you. :)

When I do, I will come back and give 3 copies away! This has been a long and laborious project, but I want to make sure it is practically perfect before I put it up in my store. My sweet teammates have been so patient and helpful. If either of you are reading this, THANK YOU! :)

I also wanted to make sure you knew about the upcoming sale on TpT:

Thank you to the fabulous Ashley Hughes for the adorable graphic. The full 28% off will be on Sunday only. Make sure you use the promo code SUPER when you check out.

Monday's sale will be 20% since the promo code is only good for Sunday. I'm extending my portion of the sale just in case there are buyers like me who always forget something and want to go back for more! :)

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  1. I totally understand about snow days. We just had one Friday and I cleared my list a little (well okay I mostly played, but I had great intentions). I'm so excited to hear what you learned about the Leader in Me. My school is going to begin the program next year, but I loved it so much I jumped in and did it with my 4th graders this year. I'm sure I have so much more to learn, but they are having a blast!

    Dana :)
    Live Learn Teach for Life

    1. I have lots of pictures to share! Get ready! :) I'm excited to know there are lots of other bloggers joining in on the LIM fun!

      Thanks for stopping by!!

  2. Your comma unit looks awesome!!! I'm adding it to my cart right now! =) I hear you with the adult bullies. There are a few at my school... it's hard to work with them.
    Sister Teachers

    1. Ha... I should have read better. I can't wait 'till it's done... I'll add it to my cart then! =)

    2. HA! :) I can't wait until it's done either!!! :)

  3. Clarity is always something that I need to. Wouldn't it be nice if He would just send you an email or text with the plan?? I guess waiting for it all to make sense is just the next best thing :)

    The Quirky Apple
    Sparkly Quirky Lifebox

    1. Oh, how nice it would be. :) Thanks for the encouragement.

  4. Amen to the clarity part and Steph's thoughts as well. My husband and I have some big choices to make about what we want to do next year and when I was talking to my dad about it, I told him that there were some days that I wished that the "still, small voice" would just be a bit louder! :)

    Teaching In Oz

    1. Amen sister! Don't you wish we could just look up and say, "Could you turn up the volume, please?" :)