Five for Friday!

This is my first time linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching! Here we go!

1. If you live in Georgia, you know that even the hint of the word SNOW causes mass chaos. Grocery stores run out of milk in just a couple of hours. It's bad. It also causes teachers, students and principals to pray for a snow day. Heck, I would've taken a workday! I even shared the following "Keep Calm and..." with my Georgia peeps because our hopes for snow were dashed at the last minute and the best we could hope for was...

As my sweet friend Pam at Teaching 4 Real said, "I guess 3 days off will do!" :) 

2. We continued working on adjectives this week. Below is a picture of my sweet things on our adjective-noun scavenger hunt. They had so much fun. We weren't 10 feet down the hall before one of my boys said, "Mrs.Spann! Wait! I can't keep up with all these nouns!!!"

I'm posting the updated Adjective Antics pack this weekend. If you've already purchased it, make sure you look for the updated version under "My Purchases" on TpT. I'll also add the updated version to my Bookworm Grammar Bundle this weekend as well. I'll be sure to let you know when to re-download those!

3. We also started working on a new writing project - Heroes and Villians: A Fiction Writing Unit.

I meant to get a picture of our anchor chart as well, but I'll have to post that once the unit is finalized. I am so excited to get it ready to share with you. The kids are LOVING it and so am I! It has really motivated my reluctant and struggling writers.

Disclaimer: There will be no Angry Birds clipart in the pack. They do not play well with TpT sellers. :(

But...  I can use it in my classroom all I want! :)

4. I finished a really good memoir this week - Wild by Cheryl Strayed. It is the story of a very lost and broken woman who puts herself back together by hiking the Pacific Crest Trail from the Mojave Desert to Washington State. Alone.

There were nights I stayed up waaaay past my bedtime because I could NOT put down this book. I was fascinated. I'm not a memoir "reader" - I usually stick to Jodi Picoult, James Patterson, Anna Quindlen, etc. - but this was really interesting.

5. As I am typing this, I cannot help but giggle. My sweet husband has FINALLY made an appointment with a sleep apnea specialist to see if we can get this snoring business stopped. Peeps, I for reals have married a Snor-a-saurus Rex. It is AWFUL.

I am not kidding. Not even a little bit.

I have several videos. I am tempted to post one. But I might end up on Divorce Court, so I won't. :)

Happy Friday, Peeps! We made it!


  1. I'm in GA too and I was really hoping for ice for a delayed start on Friday morning. Your sign cracks me up!
    Lessons Learned

    1. Isn't it awesome? :) I Google-d "Keep Calm Creator" and viola! Oh, the fun we can have with something like that!

  2. I too have taped my husband's snoring but he would leave me if I shared it. He won't even listen to it himself! Ha! I'm from Maine, but the first snow of the year sends our peeps into chaos too. Apparently no one gets used to it. :)

    First in Maine

    1. The only reason mine went to our regular doctor about it is because he watched the videos!! Use your powers of persuasion! ;-)

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  4. Ha-Ha!! Your post made me laugh! I am in Wisconsin and we don't start praying for a snow day until the forecast calls for more than a half foot of snow. But honestly- black ice could do the trick here too!
    I love the word hunt idea!

    I'm having a give-a-way this week. Hope you'll come check it out.
    Learning in the Little Apple

  5. I'm from Gainesville, GA! We just moved to Hawaii though, but all of my family lives in GA. My 14 year-old couldn't believe they don't sell sweet tea in Hawaii! LOL.

    Extra Special Teaching