Here we go again!


Passion is an annual conference held here in Atlanta every year for students 18-25 and their leaders. I am theriouthly tho thad I am too old for it. The speakers and worship leaders are amazing. Lucky me, you can watch the live feed for free! This morning, I listened to Beth Moore speak and Matt Redman leading worship. It was incredible!


I cannot remember the last time I was at home for 4 days - with all 3 of my sisters and my parents. We all "snuck" into town in early December for a photo shoot with a friend who is starting his photography business. For Christmas, we printed out several of our favorites and let my parents pick one to print on a large canvas. The secret weekend together was fun, but my parents' faces when they saw the pictures were even better!! Here is a peek at our pictures...

IF you are in North Carolina on the western-ish side and you are in need of a good photographer for weddings, engagements, senior pictures or family photos, our friend Woody is AWESOME!



I know some of you are already back at work, and I tho thorry. Really. But I'm not. :) I have to tackle this very large and ugly stack of papers tomorrow. Yuck. I'm hoping it will be (relatively) quick and painless.


I *think* I am going laptop shopping this weekend. The hubs agrees that I need one - yay! - and this weekend is the first opportunity we've had in awhile to seriously look. I'm excited!!!


I was amazed and relieved when I found ingredients to make French toast and bacon tonight. Yes, I said tonight. I haven't been grocery shopping since we got out of school for break. Yes, you read that right too. :) My goal is to hop onto Pinterest tomorrow, find some yummy healthy recipes and start a nice big grocery list! Any recommendations?

One Little Word:

I know I already talked about mine, but it's worth another mention.

I want to be a light - to my husband, my family, my students, my co-workers... everyone around me. Even you! If I am a follower of Jesus, people should notice something "different" about me - my light. :)

I hope this post finds you rested and ready to go back - whether you're already back or have a few more sweet days like me! Make sure you link up if you haven't already! I just looked at the link-up... I think I'm a little late to the party! :)


  1. I just linked up with Oh Boy 3rd Grade and your link was above mine!

    The Passion conference sounds incredible. There is nothing better then people coming together in God's name.

    I can totally relate to your OLW, its actually part of my resolution this year.

    God Bless,

    1. I've visited Passion City Church here and it is INCREDIBLE. I mean, where else can you go and have Chris Tomlin lead worship on a Sunday?!?! :)

      Thanks for stopping by! :) Abby

  2. I love the pics of you and your sisters! Such a great gift idea for your parents.

    I just popped on over from the Currently link up! Cute blog!

    First Grade Garden

    1. Thanks Amanda! We had such fun taking them!

  3. Yes... there will always be tomorrow for grading papers! :o)
    Mrs. Stamp's Kindergarten

    1. I'm ashamed to say that stack is STILL staring at me! Guess I know what I'm doing today!

  4. What a beautiful OLW :) Happy New Year!!

    1. Thanks Elizabeth! Happy New Year!

  5. Love your OWL... and your explanation was so well put. Found your blog through the Currently. :)


    1. Thanks Courtney! Glad you stopped by!

  6. Super cool sister pictures! I say File 13 and move on :) There are many things not worth grading. LOL.
    My Second Sense

  7. Agreed!! I purged a lot into the recycle box before I left for school. It's the rubrics for writing that kill me. Blargh. :)