Cyber Tuesday AND a Freebie!

Kudos to the awesome Ashley Hughes for this super cute graphic!

Just in case you hadn't noticed, TpT is extended it's Cyber Monday sale into Tuesday! LOVE!! I've already been shopping and as soon as I wrap up this post, I'm going back to get the rest of my wishlist!

I wanted to make sure you knew about a couple of things I've listed recently in my store (including a freebie!).

Bookworm Grammar Bundle
I recently packaged the following items together at a discounted price:
  • Getting Creative with Common and Proper Nouns
  • Is It Singular or Plural?
  • Adjective Antics
  • Verbs, Verbs, Verbs! 
All together, the bundle is worth $18 but I've priced the pack at $15. With your Cyber Monday code (CMT12) and a 20% discount from me you can get it for closer to $13!

Note: If you already own these units, there's no need to purchase this pack. It's just a bundle of the 4 packs for a lower price.

I also posted my *first* Writer's Workshop unit:

Perfect for 2nd, 3rd or 4th grade!
 I'm really excited about this. My kids love, love, love explanatory writing.

I try to make sure that when it pops up in our curriculum map we do something hands-on that we can write about. I've posted before about using Ginger Snaps unit on How to Make a Coke Float and borrowing ideas from The Teacher Wife to write about How to Blow a Bubble.

When I thought about how to work in explanatory writing during the winter months, writing about how to make hot chocolate just seemed like a great idea!

Here's what you'll get: 


Click Me!

This craft-ivity is included in this packet, but I'm also offering it for free in my store.

I have to make a confession about this freebie. My sweet friend Mandy is the brains behind it's cuteness. She's promised to "learn me" how to do it, but for now I have to give her all the credit. :)

I hope you've all enjoyed Cyber Monday - and Tuesday! It's been a bright spot of fun in the craziness of coming back to work. I missed my kiddos, but they really missed our routines. :)

What are some of your favorite finds from Cyber Monday? I'm still shopping - I'd love to hear about them!

What are you STUFFING your basket with?

My sweet friend Shuna at Pocket Full of Kinders is having a Cyber Monday Shopping Linky and I thought I'd share with some of you what I'm excited about!

I forsee awesomeness coming to a bulletin board in my room very very soon!

We need some "meat" in our Read to Someone time and I think this will be *perfect*!!!

I {love} that I can use this all season long!!

And, to feed my clip art addiction....

I can't wait to use these!!!!

There are about 30 other things in my cart, but we're going to keep that very very quiet. The hubs might just have a stroke. :)

So, what's in your cart?? Go link up with Shuna - it's not too late!

Cyber Monday + Tuesday?! Stop it. :)

I am not a Black Friday kind of shopper. I like my sleep. I love my family and friends, but there is nothing I need to buy for them that I can only get at 4am from ________. (You fill in the blank with whatever store is having a crazy sale.)

However, I {love} Cyber Monday. I can shop from the comfort of my couch in my pajamas. All day. Except when I'm teaching, of course! :)  Good thing Teachers Pay Teachers is having a GINORMOUS Cyber Monday AND Tuesday sale!
I will have everything in my store marked down 20% and then TpT will take 10 off which somehow makes it ... 28% off.  Don't ask me about the math. I teach literacy. All day. Make sure you include the code CMT12 when you are checking out!!
Click Me!

A few highlights: (click on each picture to take a peek)

Verbs, Verbs and More Verbs! *brand new*

I took a break from revising to create this packet. It covers a (short) review on action verbs and introduces students to past, present and future tense verbs. Lots of anchor charts, sorts, a mini-book project and (of course) a poetry connection! Everything ties in perfectly to 2nd and 3rd grade CCSS. 

Getting Creative with Common and Proper Nouns

My kids LOVED this unit! They are still asking for the Common-Proper Memory Match Up game during our Skills Block and they love reading the "Selfish" poem during Read to Someone.

Is It Singular or Plural? My latest *updated and revised* unit.  

I've really enjoyed going back and revamping some of my earliest units. Make sure that if you've purchased this in the past, that you go back and re-download the new version!

My awesome friend Michelle, the 3am Teacher, is hosting a linky party for the sale. Make sure you click through and check out my TpT peeps who are also participating in the sale


My wish list is piling up fast. I'm trying to figure out how I'm going to explain it to my husband. Any ideas? :)

Time to Breathe...

I know some of you out there are still working today and tomorrow. I'm really sorry. I'm not.

I woke up this morning and finally felt like I had time to breathe for the first time in weeks.

I feel like I'm a broken record. "I'll be back to post on Friday..." and Friday comes and all I want to do is relax and blog, but I CAN'T! Lesson plans, paperwork... you all know what I'm talking about.

But this week is different. As of this morning, I've started a load of laundry, cleaned the kitchen, and put together chicken and dumplings in the crock pot. As soon as I finish this post, I'm going to start load #2 and tidy up the bedrooms.

photo via
Sidebar: Do you know about Crockin' Girls? You should absolutely sign up for their weekly emails. Their website feeds us at least once a week. Twice if I'm feeling especially domestic. 

Back on track...

Giveaway winners! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Congrats, ladies! Check your inboxes! :) 

I WILL be back later this week with a new unit and a freebie or two. Promise!!

Sidebar 2: I have no idea why the print suddenly went teeny weeny small. I tried to fix it. I didn't work. Sorry, peeps! :) 

Is It Singular or Plural? UPDATED and REVISED!

This has been another labor of love. Lots of classroom testing, getting feedback from my fabulous teammates and tweaking. As we navigated our way through the new Common Core standards, I realized I needed to "ramp up" my resources for plural nouns.

What's been changed?

- Higher quality graphics and more printer-friendly pages as well. :)
- Individual anchor charts for each plural noun rule
- A printable to go with each "rule"
- A poetry connection and response
- Reader's Workshop connection response
- Revised "Playing with Plurals" game
- Additional matching/memory game for irregular plurals

What used to be a 14 page unit has now become a 30+ page mega-pack of resources for teaching plural nouns.

I broke up the plural noun rules into 4 different charts. I found it was much easier for me to teach them one at a time than all at once. I print them out poster-size, laminate them and I'm able to use them with both classes. My kids loved the flipbook, the new "memory" game and the revised Playing with Plurals game as well.

I'm going to give away 3 copies of this revised unit with the ever-popular Rafflecopter. There are several ways for you to enter:

1. Follow Third Grade Bookworm by clicking "Join This Site" in the upper right hand corner.
2. Follow Third Grade Bookworm on TpT
3. Follow Third Grade Bookworm on Facebook
4. Leave a blog post telling me something you're thankful for this week!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I'll be back on Friday to announce the winner and to share a fun fall freebie! Remember, if you've already purchased this packet you need to head to TpT and download the update! I've change the price to reflect the extra goodies and love put into the unit. I'll leave it at $4.00 until the end of the month. After that, it will be listed for $5.00 in my store.

Today, I am grateful for all of YOU! You have been a source of encouragement and a blessing since I started this blog last June. Thank you for all your sweet words and support!

November Currently!

I am so glad Farley does this.

It gives me a chance to "kickstart" my blogging when I'm just about to fall off the train. :)

Friday night typically mean take-out and a lot of DVR watching. We've already made it through Modern Family (hi-LAR-ious), The League, Tosh.O and Brickleberry. Now, I do enjoy The League, but Tosh.O and Brickleberry are definitely my husband's picks. Hence, the blogging. :) 

I love, love, love football season. I play fantasy football with the hubs and in a teacher-blogger league as well. I'm super proud of my Georgia Bulldogs and Atlanta Falcons.We watched an AWESOME Georgia win over Florida last weekend with some longtime friends, and I still can't believe our Falcons are 7-0. Any other football lovers out there?

This time of year also makes me super-homesick. I am a family girl. Luckily, I married a family man. As soon as he is done peddling wine on Wednesday, we are headed to western North Carolina for a few days with my family. 

I think I have *about* 3 posts in draft but I can't seem to find the time to take pictures, finish the freebies and products and hit the "post" button. I feel like I'm just keeping my head above water these days. Hence, the need for FOCUS. If I could just sit down and get one thing done at a time - like this post! - I know I would be a happy girl. (It has been really hard not to put down my computer and go clean the kitchen. But I didn't!) :) 

Do you Spotify? You should. I have about a bajillion playlists. You can "drag and drop" practically any song in the universe into a playlist you create and listen to it over and over. It's like iTunes and Pandora got married and had an amazing baby. Only you can't upload anything to your iPod. Other than that it's pretty magical. You should check it out. We have a "Fun at School" playlist I created with the kids that I use for transitions, brain breaks and just plain fun. We add to it every once in awhile - you can even find kid-friendly versions of current pop songs on there - when they have a request or I come across something I think they'll like. 

Alright. That kitchen is screaming my name and nothing would make me happier than to see it clean when I wake up in the morning. 

I'll be back later this week with some fall freebies and (hopefully) and old new unit to tell you about!