Playing With Prefixes: Updated and Revised!

Oh my word. It's finished.

I'm slowly but surely going back through some of my very first units and updating them. The first one I wanted to work on was Playing with Prefixes. I've learned a few things since I first wrote that unit and I wanted to make some changes.

- A poem that wasn't illegal. :) (Oh, the things you learn about copyrights!)
- Graphics that were a little more "ink" friendly. (There are still plenty of color graphics, but lots of black and white printables as well.)
- An additional prefix! I've learned that teaching them in "groups of three" is much more efficient than just two at a time. 
- I added 2 different "flipbooks" for interactive journals - my kids LOVED these!
- A new partner game in addition to the partner/small group game from the first packet
- Lots, lots more!

Everything I put into my packets is tested out in my classroom first. So when I added the flipbooks, I wanted to make sure they were teacher and kid-friendly.

We use "Super Skills Journals" in our Skills Block (ELA) time.

The kids love getting them out.
I always say, "Alright kiddos, it's time for SU-PER SKILLS!" and they answer "KAPOW!" :)

I shrink our poems and responses to 85% on the copier, and they fit right in once we trim them.

Here's a look at one of the activities from Playing with Prefixes in our Super Skills Journals:

 So, right now there are about 75 of you who need to go and re-download the new file. For the rest of you, click below to find it in my TpT store. I'm marking it down until Monday and then the price will return to normal.

I'll be back later this week with the Macy's giveaway winner and a freebie to make up for the delay in announcing a winner. :)

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