Currently! October 2012 edition :)

Hey y'all! :) Time to link up with Farley again!

I can hardly believe October is here...

So the sweet boy has a staff meeting on Wednesday nights, so that's my DVR date night. I get to watch all of the stuff he hates! Tonight it was the series finale of Weeds and now I have the debate on the background.

I am a Pandora girl. I love my Pandora stations. Recently, I created a Nichole Nordeman station and I l-o-v-e it! It is one of those things that just sets my spirit right in the morning.

Our school has officially adopted The Leader in Me (LIM) program and we're doing a book study as a whole staff. I am waaay behind. As soon as I get off this computer, I'm crawling into bed with my LIM book so I can get caught up for tomorrow's discussion!

I really want a laptop. That doesn't belong to my school district. Luckily, the hubs is on board with this. Suggestions? :)

I had to choose 2 favorites for the book section. After all, I am a bookworm.

I love reading the Herdman books to my kids and The Best Worst Halloween Ever by Barbara Robinson is no exception. It follows The Best Worst Christmas Pageant Ever and The Best Worst School Year Ever.

The Herdmans are still awful and the kids and I still laugh out loud every year.

I also love Porkenstein by Katherine Lasky. We had a great time inventing our own creations last year after reading this. I have a few other activities planned for this book later this month. I can't wait to share them with you!
If you've never done a "Currently" before, it's one of my favorite linky parties. Head on over to Farley's and join in on all the fun! 


  1. This is my first Currently linky party! And I am loving it so far :) I have never heard of Porkenstein, but now I must check it out!

    Creekside Teacher Tales

  2. We just started Leader in Me this year too! I am LOVING it so far. We had our vision day last week and have two professional development days after Christmas. Can't wait to see how the program changes our school!

    Ms. Smith
    Adventures of Ms. Smith

  3. I've recently become addicted to Pandora! I have different stations for different moods. I don't know how I lived without it now!

    Third Grade in the First State

  4. Maybe Santa will bring us a laptop that we do not have to give back :)
    I also need 'rhythm'...I am dying this year.
    My Second Sense

  5. I can't find my rhythm this year either... let me know where you find yours and maybe mine will be in the same place... I have a feeling it is stuck somewhere between all the paperwork and lesson planning or between staff meetings and off campus trainings...
    thanks for linking up :) nice to know there are others not in rhythm yet :)

  6. You and I should go laptop shopping together! I am definitely in need of one, too- there are so many options, but I am thinking I may splurge on a Mac and then be set :)

    I am trying out the 7 Habits in my class this year and have loved your posts about LIM- they've been so helpful! Thanks for sharing what you've learned :)

    Happy Fall!

    3rd Grade Thoughts

  7. I just bought a Macbook Pro on Monday!! I too needed to stop using my school laptop, so I splurged. It's definitely fun, but I need to get used to the format, I have been on a PC for sooo long!! I haven't heard of either of those books they sound great:))

    Surfin' Through Second

  8. I need to get a 'rhythm' going too. Stuff just keeps coming up. As far as laptops go, our district just bought us Macbook Airs. I LOVE the Mac. It does take a little to get used to, but the things you can do with music and movies are AMAZING!


  9. I don't know that I have heard of Porkenstein. I am going to have to check it out. I am now folowing you and would love it if you stopped by sometime!

  10. Love my MacBook Pro! I highly recommend it! Porkenstein is a cute book. There are so many good October books out there! Piggie Pie and The Widow's Broom are 2 of my favorites. Thanks for sharing!
    Beach Sand and Lesson Plans