Rhythm, a Giveaway and a Freebie!

We are getting ready to enter our third week of school. We're still working on rituals and routines. I have to remind myself that in a few weeks it will only take 2 minutes to glue something in their homework journals... instead of 5 minutes. I will only have to ask once for them to put their morning work folders away... instead of 3 times. I'm also hoping I'll start to find my "rhythm" so I don't feel so overwhelmed all the time.Getting through these first few weeks can be painful, but I know a day is coming when I will go home and look at my husband and say, "It happened! They are officially 3rd graders!" :)

I've been working hard on a noun review unit for 2nd and 3rd graders and a common and proper noun unit. I'm excited to get them out to you. They will both come with anchor charts, a poem and lots of fun activities for your kiddos to try out.

 We have Open House this week. It's always hectic with families trying to see 2-3 teachers in one night. I'm curious to see how other schools pull this night off. We have 30 minutes set aside for 2 grade levels. So K-1 students will visit from 5:30 - 6:00, 2nd and 3rd will visit from 6:00 - 6:30 and 4th and 5th visit from 6:30 - 7:00. Does your school have a similar system? Something different? We tried it last year for the first time and while it was a jam-packed 30 minutes, it was nice to be "finished" at 6:30. We are asked to stay the whole time, but I don't mind. It gives me time to prep a chart or tidy up my library for the next day.

Speaking of libraries, my friend Aileen recently showed me a fabulous app called Book Retriever. I've slowly but surely been scanning all of my bar codes into the app so I can keep track of "who borrowed which book" every night. It is fabulous and only $0.99. But WAIT!!! Don't go buy it! Aileen is giving away FIVE of the apps on her blog right now. So click on the picture below and head over to her blog to enter.

 Finally, I promised a freebie. :) Being part of an America's Choice school comes with a lot of "must-haves." One of those "musts" is a visual representation of the workshop model. The one we have didn't satisfy my need for "cute" so I made this one on Friday afternoon. Sad Friday afternoon. :) I know many of you are using the workshop model or you may be a part of an AC school, so I hope this is something you can use!

I printed mine as a 2x2 poster, and it looks really cute in my mini-lesson area! 

Workshop Pie Chart


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