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My name is Tanja, also known as Ms. T. I'm the author of Journey of a Substitute Teacher and the creator of the new collaborative blog Endless Pinabilities!

Today I'm talking about preparing for a substitute. Yes I know it's early to be talking about having a substitute, but it's better to be prepared early on for those days. It's worse for a sub to walk in with no lesson than to have a basic lesson!

My tips for teachers:

1. Have a seating chart (if your class is set up that way) and a class roster. It's super helpful as a sub to be able to memorize a few names or to jot down notes of super helpful kids or the kids that need reminders.

2. Have a lesson plan. Seems kind of obvious, but I've been in a few situations where I've not had any. In the best classrooms I've been in, the lesson plans are not necessarily jam packed with info, but have the schedule for the day, places of the specials, and some basic info about the subject I'm teaching.

3. Have a spot for emergency procedures.  At most of the schools I sub for, they have to have a binder for the teacher and it includes the specials schedule, a roster of names, and emergency procedures. Every school has a little bit different way of doing things, so it's nice to be able to read over their procedures.

4. Get extra work ready just in case.  Whether it's a word search, an extra worksheet, fun books to read, an art activity, etc., having extra work is always helpful. I know I'd rather have too much stuff to do than not enough. If you don't have a sub that often, an art activity may seem extra special.

5. A schedule of the day. I know that teachers can't always stick straight to the schedule, but to have a general idea and to know when the important times that cannot be missed are, it's very helpful.

6. A list of your management tips.  I can be in many different schools and a lot of them have similar behavior management styles but there are different ones. One school has everyone clap to get attention, some teachers have a bell, chimes, word signal, etc. Some teachers have behavior cards, punch cards, clips, etc. It's nice to know what you do for behavior management and how you get the kids' attention. Familiarity and routine for the kids also helps the day go smoother for both them and the sub!

I've also just created a brand new item that you can download from Google Docs. It's a "While you were out " set with two different color schemes and a few different templates. I always leave a note for the teacher after a day of subbing and sometimes there is not enough room on the lesson plan, so it's nice to have a spot to write!



  1. I love your "While You Were Out" form!! That's a great idea to leave with a sub. I like receiving some sort of feedback when I'm gone. Thanks for sharing!
    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  2. Great sub tips! Love those While You Were Out templates! So cute!
    Conversations in Literacy