Greg Tang!

I know I am an ELA teacher, but I had an "oh-my-goodness, oh-my-goodness" (read: Annie) moment when GREG TANG CAME TO MY SCHOOL!

Sorry for the shouty capitals. ;-)


We are Title 1 to the "nth" degree and we never get peeps like Greg Tang.

I am pretty sure he costs an arm and a leg.

Especially since he did 3 assemblies and 2 teacher trainings - all in one day.

In our 2nd-3rd grade assembly
Peeps, these kids were engaged and excited about math. And the teachers were super excited about our training that afternoon.

He gave us great strategies for teaching kids to master facts and we had a really frank and honest discussion about growing our kids to be abstract thinkers instead of concrete thinkers when it comes to math.

He also talked about his new site -!

It is full of games that teach kids to practice the strategies he promotes - (make ten, make the rest; using doubles, etc.). Right now, it's only $19.95 for a YEAR and... you get Scholastic Bonus Points! My teaching partner and I are planning on purchasing this for our kids for next year. At the very least, you need to head over there and check out the free resources he offers.

 I'll close by leaving you with a picture of my fabulous other half and I with Greg Tang.

Go ahead. Be jealous. It was way fun. :)


  1. Ooohhhh...I am jealous!! You will have to tell me if you like the site membership. I am interested too!

  2. I've recently discovered Greg Tang Math and am loving it so jeal!

    Ms. Rachel’s Room

  3. Ooooh...way jealous! :P