Creepy Contractions

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This week's freebie is a little different because it's a flipchart! As I was creating this, I wondered if this was something everyone in blogland could use. I figured it was worth sharing, even if the format limits it to people who have a Promethean ActivBoard.

We're in the midst of reviewing for the CRCT next week and I put this together last night and used it today! My kiddos had fun and we were able to recap a much needed skill for "The Big Game" next week.

I'll talk more about "The Big Game" later this week. It's off to bed for this girl!

On a side note, we were given some yuck-o news today at our staff meeting. Our school is losing a significant number of new teachers to reassignment, and it's absolutely heartbreaking. I like to think of our school as one of the best kept secrets in the system. We are our own family, there is a sense of community and a strong love for the children we serve. These people are not easily replaced.

Hold tight to your school families, peeps. They are precious! And if you don't have one, know that those places do exist! :)

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