Back in Business

First, I want to say a big (and overdue) thank you to Marissa at Wild About First Grade and Courtney at Teaching in Paradise for nominating me for the Lovely Blog award. Unfortunately, your sweet comments came right in the middle of the Charlotte's Web storm that took over my life for 2-3 weeks. Both of these ladies have fabulous blogs and you should definitely check them out.

As for Charlotte's Web, it was a smashing success. I don't think I've done my kids justice on here by just mentioning it a time or two. There were about 35 kids in grades 3-5 (cast and crew). This has been a 6 month commitment for them and a TON of work. We met every Tuesday and Thursday from 2:45 - 4:30. The show is 2 full acts with a running time of about 75 minutes. We ran the show for 3 nights and they were picture perfect every time. What makes them even more incredible is that most of these kids do not speak English as their first language. I cried like a baby every night when they came out for their bows. They were incredible.

Don't get me wrong, I soaked up every minute of sleep and rest during my spring break. BUT - I cannot wait for next year. My co-director and I are already planning! :)

Last, but not least, there is the fun of being tagged! :) Barb @ It's About Time Teachers tagged me and I am excited to play!

Here are Barb's questions:

1.         Favorite holiday?
I love Thanksgiving. There are no strings attached, no gifts to worry about - just fellowship, family and food. :) 
2.        How long have you been at your current school?
10 years! I can't imagine a better place to be. We are truly blessed with great administration and fantastic staff.
3.        Do you prefer to eat dinner at home or go out to a restaurant?
I hate doing dishes. I love to cook, but I hate cleaning up. In the end, I'd rather save money and know what's going into the food on my plate. At home for me! 
4.        Location of the best vacation ever?
Guanacaste, Costa Rica!!!!
5.        Have you taught for < or > 20 years?
< than 20. At 10.5 right now! 
6.        Favorite author?
I LOVE Jodi Picoult. Love, LOVE, LOVE!
7.       Last movie you saw in the theater?
Hunger Games! Yippee!!
8.       How old is your car?
My little doot-doot-mobile is 7 years old. She's paid off and running (knock on wood) beautifully. I love her! 
9.        What is the 1 thing you will NOT eat, no matter what?

rutabaga - smelliest vegetable on earth. blech.

10.    Do you still have a land line (phone)?


Whew! That's it! I'll be back soon with a new freebie! :)