April Currently

Linking up with Farley again!

You know those teachers in your school who seem to do nothing but scream at their kids all day long?

Of course you do.

We all have one. Or two.

Wouldn't you just love to give them a death ray stare and shrink them?

Just temporarily.

But long enough for those sweet tiny humans to give her (or him) a taste of their own medicine.

I could use it on anyone who's being particularly cranky. Or rude. Or just down-right nasty.

Oh, the possibilities.... :)

I hope everyone has had a restful weekend. Don't forget that if you're a GA blogger or reader, there is a meet-up this week in Atlanta!


  1. Ohh I know those teachers all too well. It makes me wonder why they chose to be a teacher? Enjoy your break in Florida!

    Sara :)
    Smiling In Second Grade

  2. I could definitely see using your superpower on a few of those teachers I know!!

    Have a great break :)

    3rd Grade Thoughts