Friday Funnies

I went to school Wednesday feeling fine.

7:30 am: Started feeling queasy.

8:00 am: The "Yakitori Sushi Virus" hits me. Full force.

8:02 am: I leave the office to try and scrape lesson plans together for the rest of the day.

8:20 am: My parapro shoos me out of the classroom.

As I'm leaving, two of my girls come up to try and hug me. Like bears.

"Oh girls. I love you, but that's a bad idea." (me)

"Why?" (girls)

"Duh! She'll be a VOMIT!" (funny tiny human of the week)

I know, it's not as funny as blue "tits" - but in my defense, I was only at work 2 days this week. I can only collect so much funny in two days. :)

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