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I'm joining the Leap Day Linky fun and joining up with TpT to throw a Leap Day sale!

I've already filled up my wish list! I can't wait!

Snuggly Monkey Winners!

I'm so sorry for the delay in posting this. It's been a hairy scary weekend. :)

Without further adieu, the winners are....

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Friday Funnies

I went to school Wednesday feeling fine.

7:30 am: Started feeling queasy.

8:00 am: The "Yakitori Sushi Virus" hits me. Full force.

8:02 am: I leave the office to try and scrape lesson plans together for the rest of the day.

8:20 am: My parapro shoos me out of the classroom.

As I'm leaving, two of my girls come up to try and hug me. Like bears.

"Oh girls. I love you, but that's a bad idea." (me)

"Why?" (girls)

"Duh! She'll be a VOMIT!" (funny tiny human of the week)

I know, it's not as funny as blue "tits" - but in my defense, I was only at work 2 days this week. I can only collect so much funny in two days. :)

I hope you'll link up!

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A "Snuggly" Giveaway!

No, I'm not giving away Snuggies.

That would be terrible! :)

It's wayyyy better.

Read on.

One of the many things that drives me crazy is my badge.

#1 Our pictures are never updated. I am so over hearing kids say, "Wow! You were really skinny in that picture." (Yes, they really do say that.)

#2 I don't do lanyards.{I know. This is a highly debatable topic among all of you lanyard-lovers} I had a horrible incident with my badge and the laminating machine during my first year of teaching. It scarred me for life.

#3 Clear plastic isn't cute. I need a splash of cute. Especially when I'm not feeling cute.

So........ I have some cute for you! Courtesy of my new favorite Etsy shop - Snuggly Monkey!

Claudia (the owner of Snuggly Monkey) and I are teaming up to give away not one - but TWO gift certificates for her super cute badge reels!

I just gave one to Chrissy B...

And of course I purchased a few for myself...

How cute is she??

Owls. I love owls.

Details, Abby! We want details!

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Friday Funnies Linky Party

So I'm starting a new weekly feature I'm going to call Friday Funnies. I know I'm posting a bit late today, but I'm hoping you'll link up anyway. :)

As I mentioned in my last post, we've been working on parts of speech - mainly nouns, verbs and adjectives.

For homework one night, I asked the kids to draw a picture of themselves and label all of the nouns and adjectives they could find in their picture. (Ex: striped shirt, brown hair, etc.)

It was really hard, but I managed to keep myself together when I saw Giselle's picture.

While I was trying to control my giggles, I remembered what Giselle had worn the day before.



Thank goodness. 

And, we'll be studying "-ight" words in the verynearfuture. 

Presidential Parts of Speech {Freebie

I know, I know.

You're only allowed one post a day.

Well, I'm posting a freebie so I'm giving myself a pass. 

We're having a Fringe marathon at my house, so I'm working and watching.

My inclusion kiddos have been struggling with parts of speech, so I put together a quick President's Day freebie that ties in with what we're working on.

{CLICK to download}

I hope this is something you might be able to use!


My Bloggy Valentine

I have been stalking my mailbox. Stalking it.

And then, it came.

It's heeeere!
Bloggy. Valentine. Goodness.

How did she know I loved Sweetarts???
I totally forgot I loved Sweetarts!!

Don't even get me started on the Peanut M&Ms.
I've already hidden them from my husband. 

AND the nail polish.
Where did this essie nail polish come from?
It's just as awesome as OPI!

They even have cute names!!

Be sure to go over and check out My AWESOME Bloggy Valentine, Katie!

Adventures of a 6th Grade Teacher

I had so much fun doing this! I had Chrissy B over at Buzzing With Ms. B. Make sure you follow her! She's also hosting the super cute How'd You Meet Your Hunny Linky Party!

Buzzing with Ms. B Button

I can't wait until the next one. Be sure you follow Teacher Blogger Exchange as well!


Fry Fluency Phrase Flashcards

No, this isn't a post about alliteration. :)

I've been hard at work since I went to see Dr. Tim Rasinski last week here in Atlanta. It was an amazing workshop on creating fluent readers. We have been singing, reading poetry and having fun ever since!

I've created individual packets for all 600 word phrases. The idea behind the phrases as opposed to individual sight words is that the students become accustomed to seeing the words in context instead of in isolation. Also, as they practice reading in phrases and giving attention to punctuation, those skills transfer over to their independent reading.

You can purchase each set individually (there are six) or as a pack, at a discount! I've also included fluency tracking graphs, BANG! instructions, and an extra fluency game for each set. All of the games come in the large packet.

If this is something you think you can use, I hope you'll stop by my shop(s)! If you have questions, feel free to ask!

Happy Hump Day!

Vistaprint Valentine

I thought I'd share some recent Vistaprint creations...

My partner and I passed these out today. The kids were so excited!

I used over-sized postcards and wrote the kids' names on the back.

And you know while you're shopping on Vistaprint, you have to make more than one thing!

For those perfectly pink children: business cards! So much easier than filling out notes to go home!

One more!

A car magnet... for the mini-fridge! :)

I hope everyone had a fantastic Valentine's Day. Whether you're single or not, you know those sweet kiddos can make you feel special! :)

How'd You Meet Your Hunny? {Linky Party!}

Chrissy B @ Buzzing With Ms. B is hosting the cutest linky party - How'd You Meet Your Hunny? How CUTE is this idea?? I was so excited to link up!

I was waiting tables at a restaurant in my hometown during my senior year of college. I came home almost every weekend and sometimes during the week to work. It was great money! I was working on a Tuesday night when a group of guys came in right before closing time.

If you've ever waited tables, you know the feeling that comes when a table comes in late. Yech.

I was doubly aggravated because the Carolina Tarheels were playing the Duke Blue Devils and I wanted to be at home watching the game. (Rah, rah Carolina-lina!)

So, these 3 guys come in an sit down. I recognized one of them from high school. I didn't know the other two guys. We made small talk and I took their order.

I proceeded to get some side work done and watch the game at the bar. Carolina won! To make a yucky night even better, Marvin Gaye came on the radio. Now I could sing AND roll silverware! :-)

The boys paid and started to leave. I noticed one of them hanging back a bit. He walked up and asked for my number. Whaaat?

I don't know you.

You could be a serial killer.

You're being one of "those" customers.


You're cute.

I know your friend Greg.

You probably aren't a serial killer.

You can have my number.

{Side note: I was "on a break" from my Alabama fiance'. Yep. You read that right}

It took 3 weeks, but he finally got me to go out with him.

He picked me up from work one night and took me to a bar. To play pool. I have no idea how to play pool. I was still in a weird place with the fiance-in-Alabama.

Within a month, I had completely fallen for this sweet boy. Fiance' in Alabama was toast.

The sweet boy from the restaurant and I were together for four years before we went our separate ways. We were apart for a year and a half. We both dated other people. Somehow, we never stopped talking.

Fast forward a year and a half. We cautiously start dating again. Within two months, we are head-over-heels-all-over-again.

We date for another two years. Move in together. Buy a house.

Get married.

Live happily ever after.

Our story isn't traditional, but it's ours. I do love that sweet boy.

What's more, I heard my sweet boy tell our story this weekend. I learned something new. They weren't even planning on coming into my restaurant that night. They had gone to a Buffalo's around the corner to eat, but the bartender kept them waiting for 20 minutes so they got up and left.

Thank you, crappy bartender! You are the reason  I met that sweet boy!

This was so fun! Go link up! I want to read your stories too!


Just in Time! {Valentine Freebie}

This past week I had the opportunity to see Dr. Tim Rasinski in Atlanta. We spent the day learning about creating fluent readers and I came away with so many new strategies!

I wanted to get started right away, so I created a fun Valentine freebie for my 3rd grade buds.

{Click to download for FREE from TpT}

Not to worry, I'm working on a non-Valentine version for grades K-5 as you read this. :) I should have it done by the end of the weekend. In the meantime, I hope this is something some of you can use!

Hope everyone has a fantastic Valentine's Day!

Currently... and Troubleshooting

I'm having problems adding blogs to my "Who's Updating?" list. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the widget, importing them from Blogs I Follow and Google Reader, turning the computer on and off, etc.

Anyone have any ideas??? :)

I was so excited when Farley posted this month's Currently. I seriously love these things...

Yay! It's Wednesday!

Georgia Social Studies Connections - A Freebie!

I've mentioned before that my school is departmentalized from 1st-5th grade. This means I teach Reader's Workshop, Writer's Workshop and a Skills Block (Spelling or Grammar). My teaching partner is responsible for Math Workshop, Science, Social Studies and Health. Even with departmentalization, it is a huge challenge to fit everything in.

So, with our 9 week focus on Informational Reading and Writing, I wanted to try and squeeze in some Social Studies. Our current famous person is Susan B. Anthony.

{I love that 3rd grade studies the character traits of famous people.}

Last week, I brought her into our look at biographies in Reader's and Writer's Workshop. This week, we'll use some of what we've learned to discern fact and opinion.

Click the picture to grab this {freebie} from my TpT store!

So, I created a little Susan B. Anthony fact and opinion freebie. This is probably more useful if you're a Georgia girl like me. Or, you could save it for Women's History Month.

I hope you can find it useful! Happy Monday!


Focus, Focus

Have you ever had one of those days where you just can't focus??

My lesson plans are due at 7:15 tomorrow morning and I am not even halfway done. 

Part of my problem is procrastination. I was not a good planner this week. I feel like the most distracted person in the world.

Where is that magic planning fairy when you need her?

She's definitely not at my house this week.

If you find her, would you mind sending her this way? Thanks.