In the Nick of Time

I know. I'm really behind. Let me remind you that I have only been out of school since December 23rd.

You read that right. December 23rd. Some *smarticle* (rhymes with particle) decided we needed to be in school until December 23rd!! Clearly, they have no children of their own. Nor have they been in a classroom in a gazillion years. Do you KNOW how NUTSO my precious angel-demons were? Completely and totally out of their minds. Anyhoo, I saw this linky party popping up here, there and everywhere. I want in on this fun! :)

Everybody's favorite funny girl Kristin @ Teeny Tiny Teacher and Hadar @ Miss Kindergarten are hosting. Or, they were. I'm guessing they still are.

11. Favorite movie you watched:
Loved it. Just loved it.

10. Favorite TV series:

Just discovered Big Bang Theory. Hilariousness.  

9. Favorite restaurant:

 We went here for our anniversary. 
I love Thai food. 

8. Favorite new thing you tried:

Testing the TpT waters. I have discovered that I really love creating and writing materials that I can use in my own classroom. It has been a fun source of extra income and I look forward to the days I give myself to just sit and write!

7. Favorite gift you got:

 Somewhere, angels are singing. 
Words cannot describe how much I love this machine. 

6. Favorite thing you pinned:

 Every word rings true. 

5. Favorite blog post:

Probably Clip Chart Goodness. Using this has made me a better teacher, and it makes my students strive to be better people on a daily basis.

4. Best accomplishment:

Getting this blog up and running. I love sharing ideas with all of you!

3. Favorite picture:

Birthday fun with My Sweet Boy.

2. Favorite memory:

 My teaching partner, Michelle, got married this year. 
It was beautiful. 
Such fun.

1. Goal for 2012: 

Get healthy. I don't want to worry about sizes and pounds. I just want to be healthy again. 

What a fun way to look back at the year! Don't forget to enter the ginormous giveaway I'm participating in!


  1. I love The Big Bang Theory too!!! Sheldon is an absolute nut!!!! Love your pin!!! Gonna have to add that to my board:)

    4th Grade Frolics

  2. I LOVE my Keurig, too! If it makes you feel better your "smarticles" must run my district ,too- We were in school until Dec 22nd!!!!! It was CRAZY! But the good news is we are out to Jan 9th!!


  3. I am quite possibly in love with my Keurig. I want to kiss it every single morning. haha

    Adventures of a Third Grade Teacher


  4. Thanks for linking up!
    Teaching until the 23rd??!! Holy mack!
    I want a Keurig. Very badly.
    I love the picture and bible verse on your pin. BEAUTIFUL!
    A Teeny Tiny Teacher

  5. Keurig has to be the BEST gift! I love it so!!