Data Notebooks

Life has been a rollercoaster in the Bookworm House lately. My favorite {I know... but she is.} student is losing her brave battle with leukemia. My husband's grandmother is also in failing health. We were called home this past weekend to say our goodbyes. Since then, both of them have continued to improve somewhat. I don't understand this plan, but I am thankful for any time I can spend with both of them. Your prayers are both coveted and appreciated.

Not how you expected this post to start, right? On to data notebooks!

Our school piloted the 7 Habits last year, and we have gone "schoolwide" this year. This includes data notebooks. We are departmentalized 1st-5th grades, and each teacher is require to track a few different things:

 - Guided Reading Progress
 - Reading Fluency
 - Sight Word Recognition
 - Letter Recognition

 - Fact Fluency
 - Number Recognition

 - Mock CRCT scores (3 times a year)

These requirements are differentiated according to each child's needs. For example, a student who doesn't know all of their sight words is not ready to have their reading fluency tracked. Another child may already know all of their addition and subtraction facts and is ready to begin tracking their multiplication fact progress.

I'm including most of the forms we use to keep track of all this student data. I'll post the math forms in a separate post. I'm still converting some of them to PDFs. :)

Guided Reading Progress (K-5)

Fluency (K-2)

Fluency (3-5)

Sight Words (in order of difficulty)






Letter Recognition

Mock CRCT Graphs

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any questions!