Listening Center Freebie

So I've been searching the internet all afternoon looking for a 3rd grade listening center form. Yeah - those don't exist. :) I did find a couple that helped me put this one together.

Our Response to Literature standards emphasize forming and supporting an opinion about a text so I wanted to incorporate some of that in the response. I have a very *active* group this year and they needed something to hold them accountable for this piece of our center rotation. I'll model this tomorrow, so wish me luck!

I would love constructive feedback and/or love notes!:)

Listening Center

Quick Announcement

I am really excited about becoming part of the team at Me and My (3rd Grade) Gang! I love that someone took the time to set up an online community where grade level bloggers can come together. I hope you'll check us out!


Rewards Question...

So, last year my teaching partner and I found ourselves investing waaaay too much money in our treasure box. When I discovered Kristen @ Ladybug's Teacher Files and her fabulous Homeworkopoly board I was so excited! One of the things I really enjoyed about the rewards she suggested is that they were all FREE. My kids are ALL doing their homework - it is quite a feat at our school! If you are struggling at all with homework completion, or you are looking for a fun weekly reward click on the blue link above to check it out. It's fabulous!

Well, we got a staff email this week telling us we can no longer have our students eat in the room (Lunch Bunch) because there are M-I-C-E in our building!!!! Apparently, they moved in during construction this summer when the workers left the doors wide open. YUCK! They are working really hard to get rid of them, but their efforts will be useless if we continue eating in the room.

Lunch Bunch is one of our most popular rewards. I'm really sad that we won't be able to do it anymore. Does anyone have any fun free rewards they use with their kids? I would LOVE some suggestions.


3 for Thursday!

Holy Moses! Two days in a row! :)

My favorite fonts...

 Two of my favorite blogs! :)

 My favorite online resource. If you can talk your school into paying for a subscription, this is so worth it! It is my best RTI strategy resource!!

I've loved looking at everyone else's blogs! Make sure you link up at Blog Hoppin'!

Where It All Goes Down Wednesday

Hey... I never promised to be punctual. :)

Is anyone else out there struggling to get on their feet? I am in serious admiration of my bloggy friends who have managed to keep up with all of the Teacher Week posts. I have been swamped these first two weeks!!

Here we go!

Hope you enjoyed your tour! :)

Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner!

Thank you to everyone who entered and left *sweet* comments!

Here are the winners!

#1 - Kooky Carnival Context Clues

#2 - Nonfiction Plinko

#3 - Vocabulary Quiz Show


If you are a winner, please use the Contact Me form at the top of the page to send me your address within 24 hours so I can mail you your goodies!! If I don't hear from you within 24 hours, I'll pick another winner. Hurry!! :)


First Week Frenzy

W-O-W. I have had a whirlwind week so far!

As an inclusion teacher, I know each year will bring new challenges. This year is no exception. I'm really really really glad we are using the clip chart system. It has been  the perfect system so far, and it fits in well with our 7 Habits focus. Speaking of the clip chart, I have to say THANK YOU to everyone who has encouraged me to try this. Know that you not only changed my thinking, but you impacted my entire grade level. All 6 of us are trying the clip system this year. Our 7 second grade teachers are trying it as well. W-O-W!

We've also started to dig deep into the first three habits ~

Habit 1: Be Proactive
Habit 2: Begin With the End in Mind
Habit 3: Put First Things First

Today I taught a lesson using Habit 1: Be Proactive. Since I departmentalize, I was able to use two different books with the lesson. I couldn't decide which one to use, so I pulled a different book for each class. One of the texts was significantly shorter than the other, so this was a great way to differentiate for my inclusion group. This early in the year, they have the attention span of a flea. :)

Group 1: Salt in His Shoes by Deloris Jordan

Group 2: A Day's Work by Eve Bunting

I'm sharing the T-Charts we made today. We had some really rich discussions about what it means to be a proactive person and the books lend themselves really easily to this habit.

Habit 1 Lesson T-Charts
I found our talks were better when we made notes after reading the book instead of stopping and talking as we read. I have to give credit to my co-teacher, Schona, for that nugget of truth. Of course, your classroom may work differently.

I hope this has been helpful! Don't forget to enter the Lakeshore giveaway - it ends tomorrow night at 11pm!!


Fantastic News!

Fantastic News #1 - After 4 consecutive nights of insomnia, my body finally caved in and I slept for 8 HOURS! It. was. amazing.

That's not the fantastic news you were expecting, was it? :)

Fantastic News #2 - The materials for my next giveaway finally came today! That's right - it's time for another giveaway!! Sponsored by.....

Last year, I was in my local Lakeshore and I found their interactive game software. I was very hesitant to try it - Would it be too easy? Too hard? What if my kids didn't like it? The sales associates at their Marietta store were so helpful!! They assured me I was getting a great product - they had just spent a day playing all of the games on their own! :) They even helped me pick our the best games for my kids.

Peeps. My kids LOVED these games. My kids loved these games so much that I was able to talk my principal into buying four more for my entire grade level. Yesssssss!

Do you want to know the best part??? I have THREE of these babies to GIVE AWAY!!!! Yahoooooo!!!

Carnival Context Clues: Grade 1-3

Nonfiction Plinko: Grades 1-3

Vocabulary Game Show: Grades 1-3

These games are totally interactive and work with both SMARTboards and Promethean/ActivBoards. I found my kids were the most engaged and had the most fun when I broke them up into teams and had them play in groups of 3-4. The Vocabulary Game Show was their favorite - think Jeopardy - and they begged to play it all the time. It was easy to play frequently because you can click "end" and declare a winner at any point in the game. They also loved the Plinko game, and we always played boys vs. girls. :) Our order for the games like Kooky Carnival (in the giveaway) came early this summer.  I cannot wait to play these with my new kiddos.

Don't have an interactive board?  The kids can also use these on individual computers and play in pairs. How awesome are these games???

I was playing around on Lakeshore's website tonight and I was SHOCKED by the number of free resources. If you click on the free resources tab on their homepage, you can search through their lesson plans, hands-on projects and printables. I even snagged a bunch of back-to-school activities to use during the first few days.

Now for the giveaway part!

To enter:

1. Follow this blog! Leave a comment to tell me you are a new/old follower. 

2. Blog about this giveaway! Leave a comment with a link to your POST. :) 

3. Go explore their free resources. Leave a comment telling me about one new idea you found! Be specific!

4. Add my blog (button)  to your Sqworl or Blogroll. Leave a comment with a link to your Sqworl/Blogroll. 

The giveaway will CLOSE on Friday, August 19 at 11:00 p.m.. I'll announce the three winners on Saturday, August 20th. I'll give the games out to the winner in the order they are listed on this post. 

Good luck and a BIG thank you to Lakeshore for sponsoring this giveaway!!

Poetry Notebooks

Does anyone else out there use poetry on a weekly basis with their students? This is one of my goals for the new school year. We will have reading "binders" that house their reading journal, guided reading work, center activities and a poetry notebook section.

Each Monday during my Skills Block (think: Vocabulary/Grammar) we would read a new poem and introduce a new skill. The skill is always embedded into the poem. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday we reinforce the skill through partner games, poem-related activities and other printables. We reread the poem everyday to build fluency. I'm going to post the poem each week as a center workstation and have the kids do an activity that connects the poem to a reading skill... visualizing, connections, etc. On Friday, I assess the current skill as well as reviewing skills previously taught during Skills Block.

Each unit I've created has been posted in my TpT store. For some reason, the unit on singular and plural nouns will not upload to Teacher's Notebook. The order of the units for me is based on the skills mandated by my state (GA) and school system.

Week 1: Prefixes (just un- and re-... We go back and add more throughout the year.)
Week 2: Synonyms and Antonyms
Week 3: Homophones
Week 4: Singular and Plural Nouns
Week 5: Contractions
Week 6: Suffixes
Week 7: Review and Extend

(I only have 7 weeks for this quarter because we spend the first week of school introducing the 7 Habits, Reader's Workshop and Writer's Workshop. The second week is spent reinforcing rituals and routines and introducing Words Their Way.)

I just finished a fun new unit on suffixes! I'm putting it up in my TpT store and my Teacher's Notebook store. It's only $2 right now!

Week 6 - Marvelous Suffixes) PREVIEW

BACK to my original question....

How do you use poetry in your classroom? I would love to hear from you!