Book Whisperer, Chapter 3: Reading Surveys

Chapter 3 is where I had my first big "AHA!" moment.

I've never cared where my kiddos read in our room. If you walked in during our Reader's Workshop, you'd probably see children laying on the carpet, sitting under tables or scrunched up in one of our library chairs. I also don't mind a "buzz" of noise. Not every child can read "in their head." Many of my developing readers need to read aloud in order to work on their accuracy and expression. (Do you agree?)

My moment of clarity came when I read about Donalyn surveying her students to better support their reading choices and conferring time together. In order to build meaningful reading relationships with my kids, I needed to know what they liked... right away!!

I liked her survey, but knew I needed to come up with something better suited to 3rd grade. I originally had this in my TpT store for a whole dollar, but in the spirit of our TBA Book Club, I've made it FREE! :) All I ask is that you rate it so I can get my little TpT store off the ground! Again, if you see anything I need to change or fix, please let me know!

3rd Grade Reading Survey



  1. Love your survey! Can't wait to use next school year. Thanks for sharing!

    3rd Grade Gridiron

  2. Great survey...very kid friendly! Thank you for sharing! (And left fb on TpT)
    The Sweet Life of Third Grade