I'm working on a Synonyms - Antonyms unit for my classroom next year. So far, I have a poem and partner game created. I'm also working on a printable/worksheet where students need to distinguish whether a given pair of words are synonyms or antonyms.

Can you think of anything else you would want to do with your kids in regards to this skill? Is there anything you do that I could add?



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Book Whisperer - Chapter 1

It's finally here! BW time! :) 

There were so many things that stood out to me in Chapter 1. I've taught Reader's Workshop for 10 years, but I feel like it's gotten really "dull" for me. And there are still kids I'm having a hard time reaching. Don't get me wrong -  I know those kids will always be there but I feel like this book will give me more tools to reach them. 

I certainly have favorite read-alouds that I love to share with my kids every year. I know my enthusiasm for each chapter, each character and their journey carries over to the students. I hear it in the groans when read-aloud time is up, and in the excited whispers when we sit down to get started.

My Top 3 Read-Alouds:
3. The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

My struggle has always been after the read-aloud. I've always been frustrated with my inability to help kids carry their enthusiasm for the read-aloud carry over into their independent reading time. Sure, there are kids who are in love with books already. I want to get to the ones that don't! :) 

"...Reading shows you how to be a better human being." ~Donalyn Miller

With our push in the 7 Habits, I know examining characters and their intrinsic traitswill be a bigger focus for me this year. How can you read Harry Potter, Edward Tulane or Charlotte's Web and not discuss those things?? I can't wait to have more consistently meaningful discussions with my kids!

Finally, here's my Wordle. I pretty much heart Wordle. I can't wait to use it with my kiddos next year!

Wordle: BW 1

What are your Top 3 Read-Alouds?
I would love some new ideas!!




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